Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden

Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden

Do whatever is necessary in order to build Emily´s tea garden
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At Delicious Emily´s Tea Garden you will be playing Emily, a girl which main objective is to build up her dreamed tea garden at Dolphin Bay. During the game you will have to perform all kind of tasks in order to earn money and make your dream come true. Start by working with Hank, a friend of your uncle that owns a restaurant at Dolphin Bay. Serve potatoes, nachos, beers, milkshakes, clean tables, cash money, and much more, in order to earn the desired money.
At your first play we recommend you to accept to test the introduction level so you can train for the real stuff. The levels are represented by days, and at the beginning of each of them you will be notified about your daily goals.
The customers will have great differences in speed and patience, so you will have to pay attention to their humor.
As the days go by, the levels will require more speed and attention from you, so be aware of all that happens on the screen or you will be loosing your customers and therefore money.
All you need to play this game is your mouse.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The graphics are quite good


  • The tasks in further levels turn quite repetitive
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